Certifications, Licenses & Insurance

JSE Labs asbestos inspectors, project managers and project designers have all attended AHERA-certified training courses and renew these certifications annually. JSE Labs has state level asbestos-inspection certification in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho and California. Certification in other states is subject to change. Please contact us concerning current certification in any other state.

All JSE Labs air monitoring technicians are trained in the NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) 7400 method.

JSE Labs participates in the quarterly American Industrial Hygiene Association PAT (Proficiency Analytical Testing) program for analysis of asbestos air samples by PCM (Phase Contrast Microscopy).

JSE Labs is accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (accreditation number 200872-0), for the analysis of bulk asbestos materials using the EPA 600 method.  In order to maintain accreditation, all members must adhere to a lengthy checklist of technical standards as well as biannual on-site inspections and semi-annual proficiency testing.

Laboratory staff consists of highly trained technical personnel holding degrees in the study of geological and environmental sciences as well as McCrone-trained and MICA-trained, microscopists.

Please call about any questions regarding general liability, bonding and other insurance information.

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